Personal Banking

Our Convenient Banking Services are just some of the amenities available to you as a TomatoBank customer every day.

TomatoBank ATM Card
Your ATM Card can be used to withdraw cash, make deposits, transfer money and verify account balances through a TomatoBank ATM. Conduct your banking 24 hours a day, seven days a week at your convenience. For added security, you can select your own PIN to access your account.

ATM Network
TomatoBank is linked to the STAR SYSTEM as well as other regional and national networks. These ATM networks provide access to thousands of ATMs in the United States and more than 60 countries worldwide - interchange and other charges may apply. The Bank is also a member of the STAR point-of-sale network so our customers can make purchases at retail stores and get cash using their ATM.

Bank-by-Mail is available to all customers who wish to make deposits or payments by mail. It is most convenient for those who have difficulty getting to the bank during regular hours or who travel a great deal.

Direct Deposit
TomatoBank's Direct Deposit service lets you have your paycheck, Social Security check, pension dividend and other regular payments electronically deposited to your account. Besides making your funds immediately available, direct deposit also provides you with security and convenience.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Secure your valuables and have peace of mind for just pennies a day. Safe deposit boxes are available for TomatoBank’s customers at the selected locations.